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Linux or Steam Deck

CSS Loader is available trough Decky's built in store

Installing Decky

Decky has install instructions on the Decky repository

Installing CSS Loader

  1. Open the Quick Access menu
  2. Select the tab with the icon of a power plug
  3. Select the store icon in the top right
  4. Search for 'CSS Loader' and press Install



CSS Loader standalone does not use Decky to run. Instead, it runs as a single background application.

Using local images or fonts

Windows contains an oddity that makes it impossible to create a symlink without elevated permissions or developer mode. CSS Loader requires a symlink to support local images or fonts.

Enable developer mode on Windows as follows:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select 'Privacy & Security'
    • On Windows 10, this menu is called 'Updates & Security'
  3. Select 'For developers'
  4. Toggle 'Developer Mode' to On

If CSS Loader is already installed, reboot your machine for this to take effect. Developer Mode can be disabled after the backend has at least booted up once.

  1. Download the latest .msi release from Github
  2. Run the .msi file and follow the on-screen instructions
  3. Launch CSSLoader Desktop
    • If this is your first time running CSSLoader Desktop, you are prompted to install the backend. Please do so
  4. Restart Steam

Uninstall Standalone

  1. Open task manager and kill CssLoader-Standalone-Headless.exe
  2. Press the key combination (windows key) + R, and in the opened run box type shell:startup and press enter
  3. Delete CssLoader-Standalone-Headless.exe
  4. Open "Apps & Features" in settings, search for CSSLoader Desktop and uninstall it.